Decking & Wood Cleaning

As people look for ways to cut down on garden maintenance, decking has seen a big upsurge in popularity in the last few years. It has been heavily promoted on garden makeover programmes, but it does need a certain amount of upkeep to ensure it always looks its best. 

Just by its composition it can be the perfect surface for green algae and moss to flourish on the wood. Unless, the wood is regularly washed off with a decent pressure washer the algae and moss can easily flourish in damp conditions, thereby making the wood very slippery and dangerous.

The demand for decking cleaning in Essex and Suffolk is very high as there are thousands of decked areas in gardens that need regular cleaning and upkeep to stop them becoming hazardous to walk in the wet.

We have invested heavily in making sure we have the very best pressure cleaning equipment to jet wash any decking without damaging the surface in any way. If necessary, we will also treat the wood with a quality decking oil to kep it looking great for a longer period of time.

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